We built Odin Arms based on our strong moral beliefs – the most important being God, then family, then country. We believe in the Constitution of these United States and the men and women who loyally defend it. And we believe in guns. Guns and ammo are as vital as air and water.


We also believe in beards. Not the landscaped frou frou beards that require a delicate trimming before your morning spot of tea. No. We’re talking big ass, Neolithic grungy beards. The kind that make you look like you grew up with a triceratops chained to the rock outside your cave and you hunted crocodiles with your bare hands for a mid-afternoon snack. What has this world come to when even a five o’clock shadow is frowned upon? We believe that crumb devouring beards paired with a suit should let even the most pretentious employing individuals know you are completely capable of taking things to a new level of victory. In fact, the suit is just an accessory to the awesomeness of a man beard. Bearded men should be able to walk around with their superlative face coats and people should step aside to make way for their supremeness. What’s that you say? God made you with a lack of facial follicles? Well, as long as you (a) full heartedly wish you could grow a beard, (b) currently and forever grow whatever fur your baby cheeks and chin will allow, and (c) know and accept the fact you would be 103.82% more awesome with a beard, then you’re pretty cool in our book.


Beards. Hell yeah.


Odin Arms – Rugged, awesomely grungy, yet professional. Like a bearded man in a suit.